The beef never looks like its ending soon. A new entrant has just chipped in to throw her two cents on the ongoing rivalry between Prezzo and Jaguar. In a statement forwarded to NE the lady calling herself Toto,doesn't mince a letter

Ashley Toto:

I am a Kenyan event organizer and promoter
based in Europe, Frankfurt Germany to be
precise. I have been following developments of
the Prezzo Jaguar feud closely. I feel inclined to
weigh in on the issue. Why would anyone waste
their precious time talking about Prezzo i am
yet to get it., especially in regards to Jaguar. The
former is in no way close to what Jaguar is,
actually, in Prezzo's eyes Jaguar is out of view,
too far for him. Why am a ranting, well first
because i have worked with Jaguar,my associates
and i have organized concerts here in Germany
where Jaguar has performed and his take home
is always a cool ksh 300 000 and above per
show and he does shows in atleast 4 cities in
Germany per visit. You do the math. As for the
so called Prezzo, the frog-faced artist has
nothing to show for his music acreer apart from
his flamboyance, a shine i should say he gets
from women. The man is a leech, he leaves off
women. In Tanzania he has a radio presenter
who is heads over heels over him and caters for
his expenses just to be seen by him. In Nigeria
we all know the story, lets not even talk about
Kenya. Prezzo doesn’t do big shows in Kenya,
apart from one off concerts he gets invited to in
Tanzania, the man has nothing else coming. The
Makini herbal clinics are not exactly doing well
enough to support his lifestyle either. Jaguar's
wealth has a trail and you can tell where he gets
his mulla from. Case in point, the artist is in or
was in London recently he has perfromed at
quite a number of shows there, each paying not
less than Ksh 300k. Do the math and you know
he will come back home with more than a mil.
He was in the States and Middle East recently
where he does more shows than Europe. In
Kenya am also told he is the one popping since
he released Kigeugeu. Thing is, i dont think
much of Prezzo myself and he should keep his
tail between his legs where it belongs, as far as
money is concerned he cant walk his talk. Heck
Jua Cali has more cash than Prezzo, man co
owns Calif Recordz and has houses in Nairobi,
so el presidente get some money then you ll
stop being the president of high school brats
who dont even know what money smells like 

I saw this happening the moment that picture went live,Kenyans trust them to give you unexpected reaction and true to the theory,she just had a taste if it.
Boaz Lito
i hear those legs spread faster than rumours?
Mully Josefi
c what a role model for our gals potrays.....raha
unayo lakini adabu muhimu. our dauters are
looking up to u for a role model.
Winnie Achieng
Wooooi ciku that swim suit is sooo wrong it
makes your boobs look like chapo madondo
Baba Alex
Surely, Ciku. Is this the best you can do?! You
could still have passed the same message while
fully clothed, you know
Ann Njenga
Shame on yu,u look so cheap en desparate,a
mother of a teenage girl and yu post half naked
photos on FB,style up.nkt!
Rhoda Rhods
Ciku si kwa ubaya but you shouldnt have posted
this photo, you will see how many gus will
comment on your sagging boobs
Essie Jimmie Nyokz
hizo matiti zimehang kuhang
Noir Izc
Hapa hujabebwa ili nafasi ipatikane?
Hillary Henry Mageka
Ciku jameni ya boobs look like chapo zimekauka
Pius Mwanzia
ur mind iz actually shapeless lyk ur boobs!
Catherine Thomas
even u use words like 'nayo'......
team mafisi also is represented;
Víñçéñt  Óñsómbí
ningekua na chance ningekumba hizo assets

So Ciku just decided to throw in some picture for you all to see,she is on holiday in Zanzibar so she caught some flick,here we go

While many are left out as Obama chooses to skip visiting Kenya in his Africa tour,back home here,business mogul better known as DjCK,received a special invitation to be in the special envoy from Kenya to meet US president Obama when he visits Tanzania. But what could be received with wide arms and no hesitation,seems to have meet a rather unexpected reception from the invited guest. In a Facebook update,CK broke the news and cited his reasons for hesitation;

"After reflecting hard on the invitation by the
organizers of Barack Obama's visit to Africa by
passing Kenya, I'm just wondering if I'm any
more special than all the other Kenyans. I
seriously feel like I can only do what he has
done to Kenya. Should I not skip the invitation
in solidarity with all Kenyans who have been
ignored on his trip to Africa and more so to his
ancestorial home? Does it make sense going to
meet him in other people's country? I am very
proud to be Kenyan and hopefully one day,
Barack Obama will also be very proud to have
Kenyan roots in his blood."

They say trust kills it Sure does,your closest friend could be your worst enemy but you will be blinded to the reality. As we sre going to learn from this story of a lady trying to make a living out of other people's sweat and them being naive. This is is how we start our expose;
" Hey NE, 
I wanna expose a lady by the name Sarah Lyne shez on fb..shez a con lady and as a matter of fact sk from me..she makes people believe that she works at a tourism company and promises to hook you up with a job.Right now she is begging ppl to send money to her via mpesa on behalf of a sick lil girl ati to help her pay the girl's hospital bill..i want to let everyone know that Sarah Lyne(p is a liar...Expose her so that she cannot cheat any other innocent citizens..."

Ok she told me she needed 8k for this job she was hookin me up with i think it was for a visa id card or something..I told her i only had 6k so she tld me it was alright ataniongezea 2k so me i sent the money bcoz i desperately neede the job and since we were gud frends i dint expect her to run away with it..after that she tld me interview itakuwa safari park on 3rd june mi nikaenda and bliv me there was no interview..wen i tried callin her alikuwa mteja na she had even blocked me on fb...and now she is using a certain kid who is sick btw anaomba well wishers watume doh through her m-pesa ati ndio alipe hospital bill ya huyu mtoi you can check her fb her name's Sarah Lyne"

Ok she took my money on thur 30th June and lemme quote the words she is using on the kd's story i will jst quote the last part coz story ni refu..."And BOTH of Elizabeth Nduta's kidneys have failed.Her family needs Ksh 700,000 urgently.For treatment,transplant and drugs for 6 mnths.Mr.Wahome tld me that since the story was shown on NTV two days ago,Kenyans have donated Ksh 50,000 so far. 
Please please do whatever you can for little Elizabeth Nduta. You can send Mpesa to Shako's personal number 0718948598." 
Her real name is Sara Shako 

 The socialite more popular for her rear massive endowment is not only big that area but she is also living big. Incase you are wondering what she does for a living she keeps it simple,"im a business lady" yes you just read it right she does business. Results of her work can be seen from the exclusive pictures we have. This is her home just living her life,free as you can see

With VIP access BBA is more than just a game,its a porn show in itself anyway we get to see beyond the faces and drama,our gal Annabel is doing big and evidently,she is doing big in some other regions too. Enjoy!!

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